Monday, April 6, 2009

The Beautiful Botanical

I went to the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden yesterday. This place makes me so happy. The above picture is in the California Native section. Wonderfully wacky I say! Behind the 'soft puffs on wobbly legs' of the Coreopsis Gigantea is its accomplice in yellow flowers; Dendromecon (whether it is D. harfordii or D. rigida I forget and dare not guess as they look pretty darn similar). I love this bush and cannot wait to have some sort of experience gardening with it. To finish off this humpy-bumpy ride of a bed, we have the Prickly Pear, Opuntia littoralis. AH-HAH! WHAT FUN! ... I have got to calm down about this picture. This garden always gets me a little hysterical.

Over in the Asia section there are some really elegant and airy Camellias with bunches of very handsome and robust bamboo. A perfectly placed table with benches sits beside/under them in a cozy corner of the garden. Next to this area is an out of place (only geographically; not aesthetically)...


Gosh, (thump) if there is anything that can get (thump) me in a tizzy it's an Aesculus (thump) californica. And this is not just any! (thump) Man, i feel like the sound of my palpitating heart will be (thump) heard even over my ever-increasing volume of passionate typing! (and the internet).

Uncomfortably warm and uncomfortably beautiful. A lovely greenhouse.

Have you ever seen such color under a Coast Live Oak? This is Omphalodes cappadocica. Look out Tree! There are blue flames licking at your heels! hah HA!

One of my favorite grasses, Muhlenbergia rigens. I can't think of any other grass that has such an intangible structure. It's upright and stiff, while being wispy and- no no, that's not how it is...

Aloe Polyphylla. My Goodness. I can't even talk about this right now.



  1. Holy schmoly, your backyard is amazing! I just looked at some old posts (the backyard last summer and spring this year photos) and it is just too lovely. Can't wait to see your garden blooming through the year!

  2. Oh thank you! I can't think of a place that makes me happier than that backyard. Also it makes me delighted that someone other than my family and friends (whom I badger constantly to visit my blog) actually visits here!

  3. Seriously, you gotta get yourself some blog friends because more people need to see your pictures and garden! The more you comment on other blogs, the more people will visit you here.

  4. your photos are amazing! can't wait to see more.