Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beautiful spring day in the garden.

The tulips are finally happening. They came up pretty short probably because they went in so late but they look wonderful nonetheless. In the last picture you can see the Blackjack Fig I put in a week or two ago just leafing out. YaY! It's planted on the north side of the shed but it's got a dainty little lean to it so with some pruning it will end up with its head in the sun and look better for it. The Kerria japonica is the star these days though.... I planted a 5 gal. in the... summer? fall? spring? well sometime last year into a half wine barrel with lots of compost and potting soil. It sure took off! Because the wonderful little yellow pom-poms are on such wispy stems it gives the effect of the flowers just floating in midair which makes it look so delicate they might just blow away in the breeze. sigh...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Two Gardens

I had a field trip today to two gardens in the Berkeley hills. The first few pictures are from the Fleming garden which you can read about here (under publications on the left there is an adobe version of an article about the garden in Pacific Horticulture). All native. All gorgeous. Simply awesome. The second garden was just down the street. Though not quite as eloquent, it was still really cool. Much bigger with neat exotics, a beautiful swath of Hyacinth, the biggest Garrya elipticas any of us had seen, really nice Irises and a little creek. HOW FUN!


Monday, March 23, 2009